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ISBOG Meetings 2018


Send an email to AmySteele@ISBOG.org and ask to join our email list! Meeting announcements with scheduled topics are sent out the week prior to each meeting. The ISBOG Quarterly Newsletter provides more meeting and organizational information, in addition to member advertisements and announcements.

NEWS! Sussex Chapter Meetings
The NEW Sussex Chapter will start Wednesday, May 16.
Cupcake Cafe
3339 NJ-94
Hamburg, NJ 07419

TIME: 6:00-7:30pm

TOPIC: Business Challenges

Flanders Chapter: EVENING Meeting
ISBOG-Flanders meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday evening of each month.

TITAN Business Development Group, LLC
272 Route 206, Suite 203
Flanders, NJ 07836

Chapter Chairs: Eric Degen, Lisa Natoli

TIME: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Meetings are 6:00pm-7:30pm followed by 30 minutes of networking.

FLANDERS: Upcoming Topics:

  • FEBRUARY 28: "Ten Dumb Sales Tactics to Avoid"

    Attendees will discuss the ten most basic selling mistakes that are surprisingly common. The discussion is also intended to spark additional conversation about other traps we tend to find ourselves in when we try to sell to customers.

  • MARCH 28: Speaker Al Turssi "Negotiating Tactics"

    Special guest speaker Al Turssi will be talking with us this evening about negotiating tactics. This promises to be an important topic worth attending.

  • APRIL 26: Speaker Dan Hollis "How to Become a Referral Jedi Master"

    Giving and receiving referrals is a major key to business success. Speaker Dan Hollis will discuss ways to maximize your referral efforts and incorporate them into you daily activities.

  • MAY 23: "Ten traits the best leaders have in common"

    A common reason why businesses fail to realize their potential seems to stem from a lack of clarity in expectations, which is a basic need. Additionally, almost every one of us in business can remember that one special manager in their career who exemplifies the norm, who commanded our trust, and treated us with respect, even in the toughest of business crises. In this discussion, we will explore at least 10 traits that the best leaders have in common, that help hedge these challenges.

No Membership Fees or Dues...
Unlike most other business organizations, ISBOG does not have any membership fees or dues. We recognize that small businesses are usually operating on a limited budget and may not be able to join other organizations that request membership fees. So, rather than your checkbook, all we ask you to bring to meetings are your ideas, your questions, your business sense and your willingness to share your small business experience.

Send us a quick Email and let us know you'll be stopping into a chapter meeting. We'll be glad to meet you.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Steele by Email. You are welcome to bring your business cards and company literature to share with the group.

Some of our Past Meeting Topics...

  • What's Your Problem - Seek Advice from ISBOG friends
  • Discussion: YOUR Business Expenses - Comparison of Cost for Utilities, Products & Services
  • Workshop: Creating or Refining YOUR Business Mission Statement
  • Discussion: Exploration of Personality Types (as related to Sales)
  • Discussion: "Mentally Fried and Physically Exhausted?
  • "All About Networking" Exploration of various networking organizations
  • Presentation: "Accounting Tips for Small Businesses"
  • Discussion: "About YOUR Business..." How did you get started? Why do you believe in what you do?
  • "Building Your Business Resources"
  • Health Insurance for the Individual or Small Business
  • 'Generating Sales Leads' Optimize opportunities to promote your business