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ISBOG Quarterly Newsletter

The ISBOG Newsletter contains info on upcoming meetings, member advertisements, special features, business resources, and information about community events and vendor opportunities.

The Newsletter is distributed electronically each quarter: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. Active ISBOG members are welcome to participate.

Please email your entries to ISBOGNJ@gmail.com

Newsletter Entry Guidelines:
  • Please send the info in the body of the email and NOT as an attachment.
  • List all of your contact info (name, company name, address, phone, email address and web site) which will be placed at the beginning of your entry.
  • Attach two photos or supporting graphics (.jpg or .gif format) and your logo.

You are welcome to submit:
  • Business Announcements - Events, Special Offers, Seminars
  • Business Tips and Resources - Your own or from an outside source
  • Monthly Feature - Informational Article (6 month commitment)
  • Suggestions for future ISBOG meeting topics or presentations
  • Comments about the ISBOG organization
  • Member accomplishments, milestones or congratulations
  • Request advice or ask for assistance
  • Share Inspirational Thoughts or Sayings
  • Jokes or Cartoons
  • Classified Ads -These can be business or personal
    • Opportunities
    • Help Wanted
    • Items for Sale
    • Looking For...
    • Pets

Feel free to make any other suggestions for ISBOG Newsletter content! What type of information would YOU like to see included?




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